Ohio White Pages, United States

Ohio has always been an industrial powerhouse in the US. Today, the state’s economy has shifted to being driven by information and services, but the Buckeye State still retains its status as an industrial powerhouse. The most convenient way to find a person using their phone number is to use the Ohio white pages. The online phonebook contains the names and addresses registered to the owner of a phone number, especially if the phone number starts with an Ohio area code. You can also find public records, such as criminal, court, arrest, and property records, when you search the Ohio white pages.  

Ohio At A Glance 

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  • Became A US State — March 1, 1803
  • Capital: Columbus
  • Population: 11.7 million (2021)
  • Size: 44,825 square miles (34th largest) 
  • Nicknames: The Buckeye State
  • Motto: With God, All Things Are Possible
  • State Tree: Buckeye
  • State Flower: Red Carnation
  • State Bird: Cardinal

10 Quick Facts About Ohio

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  • The state is named after the Ohio River.
  • Ohio has a non-rectangular flag — the only state flag with a pennant design. 
  • Ohio is known as the Gateway State because its extensive highway system connects Eastern and Western states in the US. This connection is an important vein in the economic movement of people, products, and services in the country. 
  • Twinsburg, Ohio, organizes the largest gathering of twins in the United States.
  • The first ambulance service in the United States started in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1865.
  • Oberlin College in Ohio is the first interracial and coeducational college in the United States. The college was established in 1833, and Mary Jane Patterson, the first African-American woman to have a bachelor’s degree, got her college education here in 1862. 
  • Ohio was a free state before statehood. 
  • The cash register was invented by James Jacob Ritty in Ohio in 1879.
  • The New Straitsville Coal Mine Fire has been burning nonstop since 1884. Angry miners started the underground fire in protest of unpaid wages.
  • Aviation pioneers, including the Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong, were born in Ohio. The Wright Brothers built the first practical airplane in 1905, while Neil Armstrong was the first human to walk on the moon in 1969.

Largest cities or towns in Ohio

ParmaBeavercreekCleveland Heights
CantonCuyahoga FallsGrove City